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Storms of Weather – Storms Life!

June 4, 2008

We have had three storms of increasing intensity within two and a half weeks. I am going to make some posts with pictures showing the damage. I already wrote about the first storm, which came the day before we left for the wedding. (The wedding pics may get posted elsewhere. I will let you all know.)

See the boards across the creek? Well, the following storm came in.

It rained so hard we could barely see the trees across the meadow.

When it first started, I ran down and grabbed the flat boards and pulled them to “safety”. The big ones under the rocks are, if I remember correctly, 4 x 4’s. They were imbedded in the dirt and too heavy for me to lift out. They are gone.

Dave and Elias did find two of them down stream later, but only one was where they could get to it and they had to try and go back later for it. After yesterday’s storm, we are sure they are now gone for good.

As I write this, there is more rain and I can hear thunder. The storms of life will always continue to hit…whether they are the literal storms of weather or the other kinds of storms.

Right now we know people who are weathering many storms of life. Serious health situations, marital struggles, losses of income, divorce, losing someone through suicide, deep depression, foreclosures on homes, no food. So many things that just keep coming on.

Is there any hope? I say “yes”. But that hope is not to be found in this life…in this world. It is only to be found in the One who created this universe. There were no storms when it was created. There was no destruction or losses. That came with the rebellion of Adam and Eve when they disobeyed the simple command of Yahweh/God. They brought all this “evil” upon the world and creation is groaning under it…looking for release from it all.

You can see it all around us. Poisonous plants. Animals eating animals. People hurting themselves and others, sickness, destructive forces in nature. Yes, we are a fallen people living in a fallen world. But it will not always be this way. There will come a time of worldwide redemption when Yeshua comes back again.

In the meantime, we have access to personal redemption by acknowledging our sinfulness to Him now and asking Him to forgive us and change us. Only in that can we truly have hope…and peace. The Shalom (healing and whole peace) of Yeshua/Jesus is like no other. It is the only way to truly have peace amidst the storms of life. It is the only way to find the healing we all so desperately need.

I will post more pics later when the thunder goes away. In the meantime, from our little RV on the hillside to you in your home…I so hope that you have that Shalom that only Yeshua can give. If not, won’t you ask Him for it today? He came…God in human form…to help us regain a heart connection with Him. We are not God…and the sooner we recognize that…the sooner we can turn to the only One who truly is God for help.

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