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A Trip & a Renaissance Wedding!

May 27, 2008

Well…we just got back from a trip we took to go to our son’s wedding. Yep, you guessed it…it was a Renaissance theme! We all got to get dressed up and it was so much fun! We are very blessed to have a wonderful new friend and daughter in law in our family.

We took off on Saturday, the 17th. We flew in and got picked up by our son. He took us to a hotel. The next morning he and his beloved came over and we got to try on our Renaissance garb. She had decorated a dress for me and it was so beautiful…simple and elegant. She also made some jewelry to go with it. She and our son had picked out outfits for Dave and Elias and he had made belts for them to use with their outfits. They both made us feel very special and very privileged.

Then they took us to lunch and put us on the train to go North to visit Dave’s parents. We stayed with them until Friday morning. While there, we also got to see family and friends. Dave’s mom is a wonderful cook and she definitely spoiled us!

On Friday, we took the train back down. Both train trips…north and south…were very relaxing and enjoyable. From there we went to a hotel and then the rehearsal, followed by a BBQ at the bride’s mom’s home. We had so much fun there. We got to meet more of her family and reconnect with friends we had not seen for a while. It was also wonderful to get to see our older son and his family. I am very blessed to know that my grandchildren have such a wonderful mom! A merry time was had by all!

Saturday we spent switching hotels, relaxing and spending time with our son. Then almost all of the family and friends went to dinner together. Sunday was the wedding.

The couple pulled up in a horse and carriage. Our son played and sang his vows. Our new daughter spoke hers from her heart. I could hardly control the tears. The whole thing was just so beautiful!

The flights there and back were uneventful. Elias got a free movie each way. What nice flight attendants! It was fun flying, yet also very tiring. In fact, I am still a bit tired and recovering from the trip.

From our little RV on the hillside to you in your home…I’ll write more later!

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