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Green, Green All Around & Doing What’s Right!

May 9, 2008

There is so much green all around now! I look out my window and see almost solid green, what with the trees and the meadow. When the clouds are overhead and things are a little bit dark, there is this particular shade of green that is just indescribable. It is so beautiful! If only I could capture it.

I love the sunshine, but the darker days have a beauty all their own. The shades and tints change in appearance.

I sure miss being able to do my sponge art. I hope that some day I can get back into it. I would love to try chalks, too, although I know that can get a bit messy.

My mind is kind of rambling today. I am working through a really hard personal thing, but I know that Yahweh will help me. He will preserve me. I am having to be obedient to what I know is the right thing to do and not everyone in a particular group of friends is in agreement with that. Oh, well. I must do what is right, regardless of the consequences. It is what I would want done for me if the situation were reversed.

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