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Rain, Rain, Refreshing Rain!

May 3, 2008

Hmmmm…around here, if they forecast showers, you can probably count on a deluge. However, if they forecast a deluge…you can probably count on it either being a light shower, or nothing at all, as the storm bypasses us here on the outskirts.

That is one of the difficulties with not being close to the main weather hubs. In fact, we are so “not close” that, if we use the zip code for weather, we might get one of two service areas. If we use the zip code of our town versus the town 12 miles away, it is two different weather hubs.

Needless to say, that makes planning rather difficult. Plus, when you add how much rain we seem to get here, it makes getting anything done outside even more of a struggle when you are limited to weekends and evenings to work on things. When you are needing to know if it will drop below freezing so you can wrap up the washer so the pump won’t freeze and break…well…let’s just say it makes life interesting!

We love the rain…ordinarily. We just wish it would only rain at our convenience! *laughing* Yeah, right! Like that is going to happen! *smile*

I love how the rain freshens the air and drops the pollen to the ground…for those allergy sufferers. Although, around here, the allergies seem to be more from the mold that tends to grow in the river valley than it is to the pollen.

I also love the green from the rain. In CA, it was often rather brown in the summer on the hillsides. The green came in winter with the rains. Where we lived there was rarely any snow, although we did get a real good snowfall at the summit one year. It was incredible. There was actually enough snow to make small snow people! Huge, soft flakes coming down.

This winter we did not really get much at all in the way of snow. Only once was there enough for sledding. There sure was lots of rain, though! And mud!

I am sitting here listening to the sound of the falling rain. What a beautiful sound! It makes me think of Yahweh’s love coming down all around us…of His raining down His Ruach/Spirit to fill us and strengthen us for the tasks ahead. I will choose to trust Him to make a way for us to sort through our stuff and get things done…in spite of the persistent rain at all the wrong times!

From our little RV on the hillside…I hope that you find refreshing in your life today. I especially hope that it comes from Yahweh/God’s Spirit filling you with His love and forgiveness through His Son Yeshua/Jesus!

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