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Expelled, Evolution, ID & Creationism!

May 1, 2008

If you have not seen the movie “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed” yet…we highly recommend it. It is a very powerful and very moving expose on what is going on in academia.

Supposedly, there is freedom of speech and thought in the academic, scientific and media realm…but there is not, as this documentary so very clearly shows!

There are interviews with scientists and journalists who have lost their jobs simply for asking questions or for even mentioning that the idea of other possibilities exist. One journalist was not even advocating anything. All she did was mention that the idea of Intelligent Design existed…and she lost her job! Freedom of thought and speech?? Hardly!

There are also interviews with Richard Dawkins and Eugenie Scott. It is amazing to watch these people admit what they really believe. They later cried “foul” protesting that they were led to believe that they were being interviewed for a different movie. Now what a minute! Regardless of how the interviews were led into, these people spoke what they truly believe, did they not?

With all the protesting about “being mislead”, one has to wonder if they would have been so open about what they really believe had they known that the interviewer was NOT pro evolution? Or if they had known what the premise of the movie really was? I mean…isn’t that what they are saying by protesting? That they would not have spoken so openly? What? Would they have changed their opinions? They either mean and believe what they say, or they don’t! What difference does it make what kind of movie the interviews go into? I think there is something foul about their crying of “foul”!

Ben was clearly moved at the obvious link between the teaching of Darwinism (evolution) and the destruction of his people in the Holocaust. That was something that hit very close to home for him…and, I am sure, for millions of people around the world whose families were touched by that horrible atrocity…the Holocaust. My heart goes out Ben and to all of them, too.

Sadly, there are many in the world who apparently do not believe that we have enough intelligence to be able to look at different viewpoints and decide for ourselves which ones make the most sense. Well, I think you are all more intelligent than that. So….after the link for the movie, I am going to put a couple more links up here for you all to check out, if you are so inclined. They include viewpoints from both sides.

I encourage you to look at them…thoroughly and openmindedly. Don’t kowtow to those who try and tell you that believing anything other than Darwinian evolution makes you a moron. You are smart enough to think for yourself. One has to wonder…what is it that the evolutionists are so afraid of that they don’t want to allow complete and open discussion of this topic? If the idea of a “Creator” is so clearly stupid and moronic, then why not discuss it? And if evolution is so right on, then why won’t they allow the discussion of the problems with it? Why do they still allow proven lies to be presented in the classroom textbooks as “scientific fact”? Hmmm…sure makes one wonder!

Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

Expelled Exposed

Answers in Genesis

Happy reading!

From our Little RV on the Hillside to you in your home…may you fearlessly search for the truth, leaving no stone unturned!

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