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Radical Faith & Miracles!

April 30, 2008

I want to be known for having radical faith. When I move away…or when I die…I want people to say that the two things that stood out to them about me were that I had radical faith and that I was loving. I don’t, for a minute, believe I have a very good handle on either of those.

I really want to be loving, yet I know that I fall far short. My own stress levels often cause me to be oblivious to the opportunities to be loving. *sigh* I am thrilled when I have an opportunity, see it and actually act upon it. I pray for Yahweh/God to change me to be able to see more and to be able to act upon more.

As for radical faith, I want to believe even when no one around me believes…even when others say it just is not possible. I want to walk in the kind of faith that causes me to not be shaken by the things I see around me…like gas prices soaring on an already very tight budget. Nope…I want to continue to know that Yahweh is my provider and that He will make a way where there seems to be no way. I want to continue to see the miraculous ways that He does still intervene in the lives of us humans down here. I want to be known for having radical faith.

And yet, should it even be radical? I mean…seriously…shouldn’t all of Yeshua’s followers believe what He said, which would make it “normal” faith? If we cannot trust Yahweh/God for even one thing, can we trust Him for anything?

I know that I have to carefully study what He said. I see too many people taking a verse here and a verse there, out of context, and building whole theologies upon them. That is dangerous territory to be wandering in. Then, if the “theology” does not pan out it appears that it is Yahweh who is false rather than the teacher who is false, or incorrect, in their understanding.

There are few things that I will live and die on. Knowing Who the Creator is…well, that is one that I will live and die on. Yeshua’s death AND resurrection for us…that I will live and die on. I believe Yeshua’s words when He said that He is the way, the truth and the life and the only way to the Abba/Father. That is not religion talking…that is not “Christianity” talking…that is Yeshua talking…about Himself! I will live and die on that one. He said it…that settles it!

I want others to know that I love them…regardless of what they believe…regardless of whether they happen to believe the same way that I do. I also want them to know that it is because I love them that I have to tell them the truth. I cannot pretend to be something I am not…just to please them.

I live…I walk…I function…I accomplish all things in this life…for one reason only. That reason is Yahweh’s Ruach HaKodesh/Holy Spirit living within me. If it were not for Him living within me, I could not do a thing…period. It is as simple as that. There has simply been too much damage done. I have been told I am a walking miracle…and I am. I should not be alive. I should not be functioning. Yet, I am! It is solely by the grace of Yahweh…soley by the work of His Ruach/Spirit within me…soley by the work of Yeshua/Jesus in my life…that I am able to be here today, doing what I am doing. It is pretty amazing to me…very incredible!

So, here I sit in my little RV on the hillside thinking about what Yahweh has done in my life. I am feeling very grateful. I hope that you, too, have many things that you are grateful for. I hope, most of all, that you know Yahweh personally and have accepted Yeshua’s free gift of forgiveness. I hope that His Ruach/Spirit dwells within you. I hope that you really KNOW how very blessed you are, regardless of your situation…regardless of your life pain…regardless of your life joys.

From us here to you there…Shalom and B’rakhot! (Wholeness, peace and blessings!)

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