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Nature & Yahweh’s Signature!

April 21, 2008

This morning, a female cardinal flew up to our window twice, as if trying to get in. She did not hit the window, but definitely flew next to it for a few seconds and really looked as if she was trying to get in. I wonder if she saw a reflection on the glass? The only lights on inside at the time were the Christmas lights that I keep strung around the inside for “mood” lighting. It was really kind of awesome to see her so close!

The other day, when we were coming home, we saw six does in a meadow not far from us. I so enjoy seeing the deer. More and more we have spotted them, even in our own meadow at times. Boy, do I miss my camera!

I was down at the creek looking in the water on Saturday and saw all kinds of tiny critters. One looks almost like a very light colored water version of what we always called “roly poly” bugs when we were children. It is the bug that, when you touch it, rolls into a ball. I think some people call them “pill” bugs. Well, this looks like a water version of that, although I did not touch one to see if it would roll up.

I remember, when we lived in the next state from here a few years when I was growing up, that there were leeches in the creek by us. So, I have been keeping my eyes open for any here in our little creek. So far, I had seen none. However, the other day I saw these tiny little black things about an inch long or so. I am wondering if they are baby leeches. If you touch them, they suddenly shrink in length and get wider, taking on the appearance of a flat disc and losing their appearance of being a long thin creature. I sure don’t remember the leeches of my childhood doing that. We used to pick them up from the back of their “necks” and look at their sucking mouths on the other sides. These are too small to pick up.

Another kind of critter I saw were tiny snails. I had no idea we had water snails in our creek. I did know about the tadpoles, however. They are back. Dave had turned over a rock about a week ago and on the bottom were all these tadpoles in their egg sacks. It was amazing! *groan* I need another camera!!! The other day we saw a “big” frog, too, probably about 2 to 3 inches in “diameter” as it sat there in the water. Maybe it was the mama to some of the polywogs.

Hmmm…I wonder. Are we like that female cardinal, trying to get into places that really are not good for us to get into? Or are we staying in the places that our Creater…Yahweh…designed for us to be? The world inside this RV is no place for a bird, especially a wild bird. As followers of Yeshua, are we trying to get into places that we, too, are not designed to get into?

Like “roly poly” bugs, do we curl up in a ball when others try to touch us, shutting them and all the world out? That can be easy to do. If we do not allow others to penetrate our little “ball”, what blessings could we be missing out on?

Leeches are known for their sucking. Do we give life to others? Or are we sucking the life out of others? Are we investing in? Or taking out? Life is to be a balance of each of us giving and each of us receiving. Sometimes that happens at the same time. Sometimes it happens separately, in seasons. Are we doing both? Are we open to giving whatever it is we have to give that might help another? Are we open to receiving from another instead of trying to be so self-sufficient that we close ourselves off from receiving what Yahweh intends for us to have?

Polywogs. What a transformation they go through! Are we allowing the Ruach HaKodesh…the Holy Spirit of God…to transform us? The Bible says that we are to be transformed by the renewing of our minds. We need to be thinking the right things in order to be transformed…and only Yahweh’s Ruach can show us through His Word what those right things are. Does the world see a transformed people, or do they see us as being just like everyone else? Do they see a difference in us? A difference that following Yeshua has made?

When I think of snails I think of their shells. Yeshua/Jesus left His home in heaven and took on our form. In a sense, He took a human body as a “shell” to house His divinity. In a way that I do not pretend to understand, He became fully human while retaining His full divinity…His Godness. He never stopped being fully God. How difficult that must have been for Him to take on our mere form for that time. How much He must love us to be willing to do even that much, let alone what it all led to. Wow!

There are many spiritual parallels to be seen in Yahweh’s creation, if we will open our eyes to see, Yahweh’s signature is written all over the universe in so many ways.

From our little RV on the hillside, I hope that your eyes are opened today to see His magnificence…to see the signature of the real Artist of all there is!

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  1. RunningFree permalink
    April 25, 2008 1:24 PM

    I call them roly poly bugs too! I like your analysis of the creatures around you. It sounds so lovely to be able to see and interact with nature in the way that you get to. My latest adventure is being woken up in the early morning by the raccoons playing in the pool outside the apartment window.

  2. Abigail permalink
    April 25, 2008 1:57 PM

    Oh, wow! Raccoons in the pool. They must be so much fun to watch! You should take some pictures. I would think they would not like the chlorine.

    I love seeing nature all around. That is definitely something I would not see nearly as much of in the city or town. It is a real blessing.

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