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Soda, Screens & Windows, Rest & Pretending!

April 13, 2008

Well…I keep trying to turn my camera on, but it appears to be truly gone. Oh, well!

I am sitting here drinking an IBC Cream Soda. Yum! Dave and I like their cream soda more than their root beer…and we both like root beer a lot. We don’t normally buy soda, but we found it on special for a good price and decided to by a six pack of each. Normally, sodas are too sweet for me to finish…but I really like these.

It is raining today. After a few days of nice warm weather, we are dipping into the 40’s in the daytime and 30’s at night. Brrrrrr!!!! It is getting chilly. We put the foil insulation in the windows last night to help keep the warmth inside. It is a good thing we did not put the oil heater outside yet!

Last week I put the screens back into our big side windows. I take them out in the winter because of the ice that forms on the inside of the windows. On an RV, the screens go inside, not outside. When ice forms on the window, it freezes the screen to the window, making it difficult to remove the ice.

Darn! I just realized that I never took a picture of the ice on the windows before it melts. Thankfully, this last winter was nearly as bad as the winter before. We did get ice, but not as much…on the windows anyway. We got a lot MORE ice on the roads…which is where it really counts. That is where people’s lives are at stake. I would much prefer to deal with ice on the windows than on the driveway and the roads!

I heard a really good sermon today on pretending. Are we real in our walk with God? Or are we pretending? Do we do things to try and look good…being hypocritical? Or are we being real about how we live? Dave and I love sermons that step on toes…especially our toes. We want to be challenged. We do not want to live a complacent life.

We are resting today between church and the evening class. Dave worked hard yesterday on the creek trench. So hard, in fact, that he came in sore. So, when he asked what our plans were for after church, I told him “rest”!

Well, I am getting a bit sleepy. Hmmm…maybe I will take a nap!

From our little RV on the hillside to you on this lazy Sunday afternoon…blessings!

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