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Working on the Creek Crossing!

April 11, 2008

Dave is continuing to work on the creek crossing. We looked at all the things that need to be done and what is taking the most time and energy. We also looked at what is holding us back from making more progress. The creek crossing has to be fixed every time it rains hard or long. This means that Dave has to constantly spend time on it that he would much rather be spending on other things. So, it is the creek crossing that he is concentrating on right now. Once that is to the point of not having to be continuously worked on, he can focus on other things…like finishing the laundry room!

He is not only working on concreting the sides, but also on getting at least one, if not two, of the pipes into the crossing. This means we have to park on the road side of the creek until it is done. Right now, he has a trench going through the crossing. The creek is semidammed up and most of the water runs through the trench. The pipe will be placed into the trench. He wants to put another pipe parallel to that one and then build up the crossing around it. Eventually, we want to have at least four pipes in there, but even these two will make the creek easier to cross when the water goes up.

I was hoping to get pics, but that naughty camera dove into the creek! Although I did get it to turn on once after a couple of days of drying out, it has not come back on since. Oh, well!

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