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Creek Crossing and a Wet Camera!

April 8, 2008

Well, Dave has been working on our creek crossing…the drive through portion. One thing that makes is hard to accomplish what we need to do around here is that he has to keep fixing the crossing after every long or heavy rain. And boy, around here…it has been raining a LOT!

He is trying to get some concrete on the two sides that get washed out the worst. Eventually, he wants to get the whole thing slurried. Then there won’t be any loose rocks to drive over or get pushed aside by the heavy flow of water.

I was out taking pictures of the work and of the various ways the water was flowing over the rocks. After seeing some online friends’ photos posted, I was starting to get some ideas of pictures I could take for artistic purposes. In my mind, I was thinking about what I could look for and how to do it.

Well…there was an angle of flowing water that my son wanted to get a picture of. Since he had his mudders on and I did not, I handed him the camera. He was very careful to put the wrist strap on so he could not accidently drop it in the water. However, in the handoff back to me, I did not get a good enough grip and when I went to regrip he, he let go thinking I had a good grip. It was not his fault. If anything, it was more mine. The camera fell in the water.

I shook all the water out of it that I could…which was not that much, considering. So far, it appears that the camera is dead. I left it “open” for about a day after drying it as best I could with Q-tips, etc. I waited until the tiny droplets I had seen inside the eyepiece and the LED mode readout. (Dave told me that is what they are called! LOL!)

Well…all things are either caused by Yahweh, or allowed by Yahweh. I am sure that He will bring good out of this…somehow. I will choose to leave it to Him. You know, there was a time when I probably would have gotten angry and somehow blamed my son. But I did not. I honestly did not let it bother me. Yes…I miss it. Yes, I am praying for God to touch my camera and “heal” it or somehow bring me another one. But if He does neither? I will love Him anyway and just be patient.

It is disappointing. It means I can also no longer take pictures of our land and our RV and the things we are doing. It also means that I cannot take pictures to use for collages and other artwork. Bummer! Oh, well. We will see what happens.

In the meantime, we will live one day at a time, rejoicing in Him and enjoying our many blessings.

From our little RV on the hillside to you in your home, wherever and whatever it may be…we wish you Shalom…Yahweh’s wholeness and peace.

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