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Photo Perceptions!

April 2, 2008

Dave actually started to read the blog last night. Woohoo! *laughing*

He pointed out that some of the pictures of the bed to couch conversion make our little living room look bigger than it is. Such is the way of cameras. There is usually some distortion. For me to get the pictures I got…well…let’s just say that I had to squeeze into some interesting positions and places to get some of them!

He also pointed out that the pictures of the tree over the creek do not show the height of the water at the time we actually had to use it to cross over. Of course, I did not have the camera with me at that time!
I did, however, get a couple of pictures of the tree crossing one time when the creek was high. The water is still not as high as it was when we crossed over.

The water running down into the creek is coming from the trenching we did across our meadow to try and cut down on the amount of water flooding into our meadow

If you look at the post dated March 26 with the pictures of the driveway portion of the creek, you can see the comparison between normal and high water levels. And again, that is not as high as it was when we actually used the tree, either!

Life is truly an adventure!

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