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Thunder, Rain, Goals & Privacy!

March 27, 2008

Yesterday, we had some rain. We also had some thunder…and I do mean thunder!! It was almost directly overhead. The rig even shook once or twice. It was so loud, it made me jump one time. How awesome and incredible! How powerful!

The night before it rained so hard and so much that Dave had to go into work late because he could not drive across the creek. He had meant to park on the other side and forgot. Usually, we don’t hear the rain because of the insulation on the roof…but we heard it that night. Every time we woke up we heard it, so we know it rained hard and steadily.

Last night, he left the van on the other side, which turned out to be a good thing. It did not rain as hard last night as it did the night before, but it must have been raining steadily. He had to cross the creek using the tree so he could turn on the water and bring back our garbage can.

With the water leaking again, we are back on our tanks. So, Dave went and turned on the water so our son could shower and I could refill some water containers to use for flushing the toilet. Using the containers helps to make the water in the tank last longer.

It is getting warmer at night, which is so nice. I look forward to being able to take our oil heater out of the rig. Then we won’t have to walk around it to get from one end of the rig to the other. In small spaces, everything that has to be left inside really impacts us one way or another.

I also need to get a plastic bin to put shoes outside in so that they are not in a box in the kitchen. In the winter we will all need to keep one pair inside or else our feet will freeze putting those frozen shoes on! In the summer, it won’t be that big of a deal. But they need to be in a plastic bin with a lid so they will stay dry…and hopefully mildew free. We also need to keep the bugs out. The bugs around here tend to like me…a lot! *groan*

A lot of things are easier in the summer…when it is not raining. The rain makes life harder as we still don’t have adequate protection for a lot of our things that are outside. There are quite a few things under tarps, but we found out that tarps won’t keep them dry or mildew free. Between the wind, the sun and time…tarps break down pretty fast. Or water gets under them and wets everything from the bottom up. It seems like no matter how we plan, nothing goes quite right and so we have a mess on our hands.

The goal…although we hesitate to even set goals anymore…is to get the tent room up so that I can have a dry place to start sorting through the stuff that is under the tarps. I need to get rid of the bad stuff and somehow sort and either pack up or pass on the salvageable stuff.

Another very important goal, if we dare to set them, is to get the laundry room finished. There are so many areas that alone would impact. It would provide a warm dry place for storing things like seasonal clothing and become our food pantry. It would also become a haven for times when someone just needs to be alone. Since we will hardwire a phone into it, it will also provide a quiet place for phone calls, so long as no one is washing! It would also be nice for our son to have a warm, dry place to go watch a dvd or read a book or something while Dave and I have some all important privacy.

Having three of us in one small space with no real privacy has been one of the toughest things of all. It is very hard to discuss adult things when there is always another set of young ears around. And for me, the introvert who regroups in solitude, it has probably been the toughest. My two guys are extroverts and love to be very much engaged with others. I love engagement, too, but when it is constant it just drains me.

One reason setting goals is difficult is because we are always having to “put out fires”. This water leak is just one example. It seems like every time we plan to get something done, something always happens…something that drains us of time, money or both. A lot of times the weather works against us, or something breaks and has to be fixed. It is hard, when it is just the three of us, to get much of anything done; although, we have actually accomplished quite a bit between the three of us. Naturally, we have gotten the most done in the shortest amount of time when we have had some help.

Yesterday, Dave worked on the trench at the far end of the meadow. It is draining fairly well, but still needs to be deeper to fully keep up with heavy rains. Thankfully, our meadow is not flooding nearly like it was, but there are still plenty of low spots we need to work with. There is another drainage gully that feeds into the meadow that still needs to be diverted. With a small bucket or backhoe we could make fairly short work of it, but we have no funds to rent one. So, it is shovels and a hoe. At least we get a good workout in the process! *smile*

Yet, we know that Yahweh/God is in control. Truth is…we have the necessities of life. We don’t have what we want, but we have what we absolutely need. Yes, we have to be creative, especially in the area of privacy, but it is not impossible. It only FEELS impossible a lot of the time. Spontaneity is practically dead, although not totally. We have to work hard for what we do have…such as it is.

Yes, we have to do a lot of things that people not in this living situation don’t have to do. It is quite a bit more work. But it is not impossible. Some things are a lot harder to do, like washing dishes. One thing I am really hoping I can find…and get…is a sink with no divider. I can work with it being so shallow (about 4 1/2″ deep), but the divider is a real hindrance to washing big pots and pans. Even the dishes don’t lay flat in the sink. Water constantly goes all over the counter, too, if you are not real careful…due to the divider and the shallowness of the sink. We have looked at the plumbing beneath. We could only add another inch or two, at most, to the depth of the sink…if I can find and afford one.

We also have to trust Him that my PTSD won’t get to be too much in this situation. Right now, I do feel pretty overwhelmed. That means that I really have to look at all that I am doing and pare down even more. I have to get things down to a manageable level. Such is life. It is hard, but not impossible.

It says in God’s Word that we have been given everything pertaining to life and godliness. I have to admit that there are times when I am tempted to disbelieve that. Yet, I know that God does not lie. If it feels like we do not have what we really need, then it is our own perceptions that are off…not God.

I have trusted Him. I will continue to trust and love Him…no matter what happens. That does not mean, however, that I will always be a “happy camper”…or that I will not struggle. Pain is still pain. Hassles are still hassles. It is more a matter of not letting the pain and the hassles rob me of the deep inner joy and peace that I have in Yeshua/Jesus.

Well…I have a lot to do today and a sick son to care for. These are my thoughts for now from our Little RV on the Hillside!

I hope that all reading this is having a very blessed day. I know that I intend to!

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