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Bed to Couch!

March 26, 2008

I had difficulty formatting the wording around the photos. I hope this is understandable.

There are some who have expressed curiousity about our bed to couch, couch to bed set up. Every day I/we have to convert it both ways. Here are some pictures showing the conversion one way.

Making a couch to a bed (and back) involves several steps. These pics were taken last year. The blanket is now changed and there are some minor differences in the appearance of the RV, but it is basically the same as now. This is the procedure for going from bed to couch. Just reverse it for couch to bed.

This is the foot of our “bed”. You can see the back of the driver’s seat.

This is the head. Behind the head is the kitchen.

On Dave’s side there is a sleeping bag with foam inside under the sheet and blanket. First, I fold up the sheet and blanket on my side over his side.

Then, pulling it all toward me, I fold what hangs over between Dave and the wall towards me and over the rest.

It is basically folding the bedding into thirds over the sleeping bag.

The bedding gets rolled up and the two straps wrapped around it. Wrestling to get the straps on gives me extra exercise! *smile*

Then I get to wrestle with it again to get it into the driver’s seat between the steering wheel and the back of the seat!

The pillows are then tucked into place.

The bed is ready to be made into a couch.

It folds up into a “V”, which then slides into the upright position.

This last picture was taken about two years ago when we were still staying at an RV park.

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  1. Teddybear permalink
    November 14, 2008 5:53 PM

    Just looked at the pics of bed/sofa making and outside of RV in winter. My hat is off to you guys for enduring life in a small RV for so long. I once lived in a 38 foot by 8 ft trailer for two years when I was married to my fist wife.. My first wife, myself and a baby. Needless to say I lived a mostly an outdoor life. After two years the trailer seemed to get even smaller. No place to hide and get away. One Christmas Eve is still memorable. The water pipes froze under the trailer. The wind was blowing and it was about 1 AM. I had to pull the skirting and insulation from the crawl hole and crawl under the trailer. There was a pool of water around the turnoff valve. The pipe had broken. I couldn’t get to the valve to shut it off. The owner of the trailer park got really upset because he had to shut off the water to the whole trailer park until I could get the break fixed and the pipe thawed out. The pitfalls of living in a trailer. Needless to say by Christmas morning I was ready to go back to bed for the day.

    From there we moved into a two story house with two bedrooms, a big kitchen with a wood/electric stove ( I had never seen one of those before or since), a livingroom, bath and basement. Of course our bathroom didn’t have any tub in it but it had a sink and toilet. There was a makeshift shower in the basement. My wife at the time, (now ex wife) was in the shower one day when a black slamander crawled across her foot. She ran up the steps stark naked screaming and ran thru the house screaming and shaking. She never used the shower again. We had to get a galvanized tub for her to bath in on the main floor. But even at that it was far better than living in the trailer. I pray that you and your family will soon be Blessed by the Lord with either a house or a much bigger trailer or mini-home. I can empathize with living in such a confined space after having lived in a 40 by 8 foot trailer.

    There are times that I wish I were a multi millionaire so I could help ppl in your situation out with a larger place to live.

    BA and I are very blessed and fortunate to live in a one bedroom subsidized apartment with everything included. We complain about having too much heat because it is a seniors complex of 20 units and the heat is on constantly in the hallway. It is around 82 to 84 degrees most of the time. We seldom turn our heat on in our apartment since there are hot water heat pipes running under the floor of our apartment that radiat heat all the time. It becomes so hot that we have to open the window to let the cold air in or turn the air conditioner on if it is mild outside. We are the youngest tenants here. The oldest is 93 yrs old. She is in better shape than we are 🙂

    Being a seniors building we just get to know the neighbours and they either go to a nursing home or die. Most are in their late 60’s thru 80’s and in poor health.

    One thing I do remember about living in the trailer. We were seldom sick. It was totally and naturally airconditioned 🙂 We had to put cardboard on the walls in the winter to help keep out the cold. Even at that we scrapped frost off of the walls some mornings. It was too cold for the germs to survive 🙂

    What does your RV look like? The bails of hay and straw hide it 🙂

    I pray that God watches over you and your family and that He Bless you
    richly and meets your needs.

    God Bless

  2. November 15, 2008 10:34 AM

    Hey, Teddybear! I am going to look for a couple of pictures I got when we were staying in an RV park. That will give you an idea of the outside of it uncovered. See this post.

    I so get the ice inside thing, although ours is only on the windows. Check out this post: Ice Dams and Frozen Hearts


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