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Leaky Hoses & Water Pumps!

March 24, 2008

Well, we found our minor leak, which turned out to be not quite as minor as we thought. It was in our water hose going into the rig. One end actually had a slow spray, but it was covered with insulating foam. We also found an occasional drop or two from our water pressure regulator that is between that hose and the water pipe. The hose is now replaced with one of those braided steel hoses. At 2500 pounds of pressure capability, I don’t think we are going to have to be concerned about the hose splitting or spraying or anything else…only freezing!

The pressure regulator drip is VERY slow…an occasional drop or two. When we get the chance, we need to get a big regulator and put it at the meter so that there is not so much pressure on the regulator by the rig. That might even stop the occasional drop we now see. If not, we do have another regulator somewhere. The water pressure is so high here that we have actually had pressure regulators by the rig explode…literally! We need to check the water meter again to make sure it does not still show a leak.

Today, I call the water company to see what the new bill is likely to be. They came out at the end of last week to get another reading after the major leak was fixed. Then, I also get to call our county trustee and find out just what it is that trustees do! Since I was told they sometimes have funds to help people out with emergencies, I figured I would ask for help with the water bill. Our electric bill is also high because the remote reading portion of our previous meter did not work. So, they estimated our electricity and fell way short. When they put the new meter in, they did a manual read on the old one and yikes! So, maybe we can get help with that, too.

Thankfully, both companies are willing to work out payments with us. However, when you already live so close to the paycheck, that can get a bit tricky, especially trying to work out payments with TWO utilities at the same time. Of course, our electric bill should hopefully be going down with the warmer weather on the way…that is, if the weather would please get here and STAY here! It has snowed twice in the last few days, not sticking, of course! If we use less electricity, then the added amount to help pay for the current bill may not hit us so hard!

Yahweh/God HAS taken care of us. He has not provided what we have wanted…which is actually probably a good thing in many cases…but He has gotten us through many things. We have not been wanting for food, clothing or shelter, although we have not been very comfortable many times in that shelter! *smile* He has made us use our creativity a LOT!

We would also not have known about the water leak at all if we had not gotten a higher bill that I called the water company about. The way the meters are read, it could have been a bill for up to a month and a half, which would have made sense. They insisted on sending someone down to check the meter reading and I thank Yahweh they did! The leak could have all been on one bill and it would have been even worse because we still would not even know we had a leak! He IS watching out for us. I truly believe that!

We have also grown in ways that we just would not have grown. That is something that, looking back, we would not trade. We have changed…in good ways! We still struggle with some things, but we just keep working on whatever we can do to make it better. Some of it is simply going to require either a miracle or acceptance and being content to do without…to accept what is. There is nothing wrong with acceptance and being content; however, there is also nothing wrong with continuing to hope for the miracle!

Today is laundry day. Hopefully, our hose to the laundry room is not frozen. We are also concerned about our water pump in the washer. We had a few really cold nights when we did not get the washer all wrapped up. I will be SO glad when/if we finally get the laundry room finished! Then all we will have to do is keep a little heater in there to keep it above freezing and pray for no power outages. Hopefully, the water pump is fine. I will find out today.

I also get to dump the black water tank again. Woohoo! Oh, such fun! NOT! *laughing* I am SO grateful to have a black water tank to dump…seriously! What if our rig had not had a bathroom? Where would we be now? Well, obviously, Yahweh would have had to provide another way! Outhouse, maybe? *smile*

Well, it is another day here at the Little RV on the Hillside! The sun is shining here upon us. I hope that YOUR day also has sun shining…both physically and also mentally, emotionally and spiritually! Trust your spiritual wellbeing to Yeshua/Jesus. He will NEVER leave you or forsake you!

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