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Assorted Thoughts on Spring, Easter & the Resurrection!

March 21, 2008

Yesterday, the weather was beautiful! I was in and out of the rig and really enjoying it. Ahhhh…methinks that Spring has mayhaps finally sprung! Away from me, sendentary lifestyle! I am casting you off! I even sprinted a short (VERY short) distance up our driveway. It surprised me that it did not tire me immediately. Hmmm…mayhaps I am in better shape than I thought? In spite of my rather sedentary lifestyle?

I am so looking forward to better weather. Today is pretty nice, although a bit on the cool side. Normally, I really love the rain. However, we really need a spell of dry weather around the days that Dave can work on things outside. The rain and mud have really interfered a lot with getting things done outside. It takes a while for us to get things done. It is a whole lot harder when the weather does get with “our” program! LOL!

I am sitting here listening to beautiful worship music and thinking of this coming Sunday. I like to call it “Resurrection” Sunday because that is the real focus of the day for me. If it were not for Yeshua/Jesus’ resurrection, He would be a liar and not the Son of Yahweh/God that He claimed to be. Oh, I am sure that I just opened a real kettle of worms with that statement. It is something I will address more in a different post at some time.

Right now I am thinking of this coming Sunday. I have been looking at the history of “Easter”. I found some links on the subject. One is here:

This is another. It has some really interesting links on the subject. They are well worth reading, even though it does mean a bit of link to link work:

Within the Christian church and followers of Yeshua/Jesus, there is a bit of disagreement as to what is “right” for us to do regarding this day. Personally, I believe we should be educated as to the history and meanings of ALL things we do. Doing something simply because “we have always done it this way” or because “everyone else does it” just does not make sense to me. I think we really need to look into why we do any of the things we do. Then, I think we need to take the information we find to Yahweh and His Word and seek guidance from Him as to what is “right” to do.

We each stand before God for ourselves and the choices we make. It does not behoove any of us to stand in judgment of another. I do not answer for anyone else’s decisions any more than any one else answers for my decisions.

Yeshua said:

Mat 22:37-40 NASB
(38) “This is the great and foremost commandment.
(39) “The second is like it, ‘YOU SHALL LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF.’
(40) “On these two commandments depend the whole Law and the Prophets.”

Love of Yahweh/God and of our neighbor should be our main focus. Part of my love for Him is to learn all that I can about Him and to obey His teachings in every way that I can. I fall very short of that and certainly am in no place to judge any one else!

Part (and only part) of my loving my neighbors as myself is to encourage them to seek the truth and be willing to accept it, no matter the cost. Get the facts, take it to the Lord, and do whatever He shows you to do. Pretty simple, huh?

There have been many times that Yahweh has shown me something and I did not want to obey Him. I wanted to live by what I thought were “liberty” and “grace”. What He showed me was that He knows best and that His grace and liberty are not license to do whatever I want. His grace is what gives me the liberty to be able to accept His forgiveness and love and to follow His teachings.

Anyway, for whatever they are worth, these are just my thoughts and ramblings on things. Whatever your take on it is, I hope that everyone reading this will have a very blessed and enjoyable weekend. I hope that you will remember what Yeshua did for you and rejoice in it.

However you choose to celebrate Resurrection Sunday, it is my hope that you will not allow those celebratory things to overshadow what it is that you are celebrating. Or mayhaps, I should say WHO you are celebrating!

Shalom and B’rakhot (blessings) to all reading here from our little RV on the hillside.

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