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The Water Leak is Fixed!!

March 20, 2008

This is before it got fixed after Dave dug it out almost down to the pipe.

Woohoo!!! The major water leak is fixed. The contractor who put in the lines came out and fixed it. The water company sent someone out to read the meter again so that we will know what the final “damages” are.We are all so grateful that it turned out to NOT be under our laundry room! It was about a foot out from the edge.

We are leaving it open for a few days to make sure it holds. The ground slopes downward where the leak was, so Dave is going to put a pipe from the leak to the side of the hill. That way, even when it is filled back in, if it leaks again, we will know right away because the water will run out the pipe and down the side of the hill.

Now that we know how to tell from the water meter if we are leaking, we have also confirmed another leak. We suspected that we had a very slow leak where the water hookup to the RV is, but with all the rain, we could not be sure.

Dave dug along the side of the pipe and drilled into the side of it so that the water could start to drain into a trench he dug that runs over the side of the pad. This will give it a chance to “dry” out and we can see if it is leaking there, too. If water persists in dripping into the trench, even when it is not raining…we will know we have found the other leak.

The leak area is behind the hay bales. We had hay bales around the water hose going into the RV so that it would not freeze in the winter. The hose was also wrapped in insulation.

Well, signing off for now from the Little RV on the Hillside. 🙂

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