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Bathroom Laundromat & Cabbage Soup!

March 10, 2008

This has been one of those washing shirts in the bathtub kind of days. The snow is melting quickly, but it won’t be warm enough to hook up the washing machine for a couple more days. So, today I washed work shirts in the tub and my son washed some bedding.

When we wash things by hand like that, we wring them out as much as possible and hang them up to drip in the bathtub. Once they somewhat resemble the dampness of being spun in the washing machine, I can put them in the dryer. I do at least have the dryer to use! **smile**

The sun is shining and it is above freezing out, but it will drop below freezing tonight. That is why we don’t want to hook up the washer today. It is a bit of a hassle to get it all set up and to take it all back down. On Wednesday, we can hook it up and leave it set up for a few days…unless the weather forecast does not come true. And that is always a possibility around here! 😛

Dave made cabbage chicken soup two days in a row. Boy is it good! He is a good cook…better than I am, I think!

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