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A “Blizzard”, an Awning & Three Tries Up the Hill!

March 9, 2008

These pictures are all from Saturday.

Well, we took off for church this morning after the “blizzard” of Friday and Saturday! I am amazed that it was even called a blizzard. But then, I guess it would be compared to the weather they have typically had around here for years. This was what I remember as being a typical snowfall when I lived only about an hour or so from here many years ago.

Dave had parked across the creek, so this morning we had to walk down the driveway through the snow. He had already shoveled a path part way down and all around the van to the road. When we got to the van it still had a lot of snow on the top, so we had to scrape it off the windshield, along with the ice, and off the sides of the top so we could get in without snow falling into the van. Fun! But the best was yet to come!

This is before Dave shoveled a path.


Our road was not plowed, but it was not too bad to drive on. But the road we had to turn onto to get us to the highway was not plowed, either. And it had enough of a hill to make it difficult. It took three tries to just make it over the top! We made one run, then backed down and made another run. Then we had to do it again. We almost did not make it! By the time we came home, the roads had improved…but still had not been plowed.


Friday and Friday night, we had to keep shaking the raking the snow off of our awning so the weight would not cause it collapse. We could tell it needed to be shaken off when opening the door caused the corner of the door to hit the awning. There is a wheel on the corner so that the door won’t tear into the awning. We are unable to adjust the awning. The winds, etc. have just been too much for it. We need to leave it out, so it is damaged. Right now, we cannot roll it up or tighten it down. So, when the snow or sleet hits, the awning catches it and sags. But we have figured out how to clear it off!
Our son has had two days of tobogganing! He is overjoyed! But it looks like it is already melting pretty quickly. At least he got these two days in…the first and only ones all winter long, so far!


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