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A Spider, Snow & Black Water!

March 7, 2008

Oh, what a beautiful sight it is! Starting early this morning the snow began coming down. Our son is ecstatic. We have not had a decent snowfall all winter. He will finally be able to use his toboggan! In fact, he is bringing his toboggan down right now to Dave.

Dave was out getting a new tire put on at Walmart on his way in to work. His boss saw the snowfall and with the coming storm, decided Dave should go back home. In all likelihood, if Dave had gone into work, he might not have been able to come home by the time he got off. We are very grateful for that!!

So now Dave is parked across the creek and has some groceries to bring up.


Well…this is live action, folks! I just got interrupted to help carry in the first batch that came up on the toboggan! **smile**

Poor Dave, what he does not know is that he has to dump the black water tank after he comes in and warms up. We especially want to dump it before we get even more snow. I cannot dump it without getting my feet wet. No, it is not from the black water. It is from the snow. I got a spider bite on one foot and cannot wear anything but an open back clog type shoe on that foot.

Speaking of spiders, I don’t know what kind it is, but there is a spider here to which I am apparently more allergic than others. I get this hard bump that turns into a blister that I end up lancing. This is the first one of the year. I think it was in my mudder. I did shake them out and bang them…but I suspect that one was left in there.

So, there you have it. A spider, snow and black water!

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