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More on Heating!

March 3, 2008
Anonymous said…

just so know know, it is a pit dangerus the propane can make you sick. we used to do that years agao when our church met behind the postoffice. My sunday school would turn on the oven to get the kitchen. where we met to get warm. Many of us got sick. I hope you dont get sick

That is a good point! I meant to mention in my blog that using the stove is only an emergency backup. Plus, we would never do it for more than a few minutes at a time and never while sleeping. In other words, no longer than it would be on if we were cooking anyway.
Plus, we bought a Buddy Heater. It is a propane heater that is made to be used indoors. That way, if our power were to go out in winter, we could use that for heat rather than the stove…and with proper ventilation!
Thank you for bringing this up, since I forgot to!

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