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Spring is Coming?

March 1, 2008

I was sitting here this morning enjoying my Ruby Red Chai tea. Mm-mm! Such aroma and delicious taste…a gift from someone special in my life! *smile* (You know who you are! *giggles*)

Today is a little bit warmer and it is time to get laundry done for the coming week. The guys are going to get the laundry all hooked up for me.

We are so ready for spring. I love the winter…but we have never really had “winter” this year. The weather has been more like what you would expect in that transition period between winter and spring…all winter long! Enough all ready! Our son has not had one toboggan ride all winter. At least last year he was able to get some good runs in a couple times during the winter. What happened to the snow?

This is not the way I remember it from growing up around here. But I have been told by oldtimers that the weather changed about 10 years ago. What they describe before that is what I remember. Ahhh…the snow days of childhood. In fact, the snow is one of the many things that made homeschooling really great last winter. Our son was never stuck inside a classroom during those times when we DID have a decent snowfall. He could go outside and run around. After all, we have all year and all day to do the rest! *grin* Last year…even I went down the toboggan run a time or two! hehe

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