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March 1, 2008

I don’t remember if I have shared how we work out our heating yet. If I have, oh well, just skip over this part. *smile*

We have a built in forced air propane heater. However, it is very old (1984) and a tad noisy. Well…when you are sleeping with your head just on the other side of the cabinet wall that houses the thing…it is VERY noisy! We are not sure how much it was used before us and we don’t know how much life it has left. So, we use it more for backup or when we really need to get things warmed up in a hurry.

It is a wierd heater. When you turn it down, it does not go off. Well, the heater goes off, but you cannot turn off the fan. Nope…no way. Even if you turn the heater to the off position, it will not turn the fan off. I guess it is a safety feature. The fan will blow cold air off and on until it is satisfied that the heating unit is cooled off enough. Talk about efficient! NOT! So, for a variety of reasons, we don’t use it much.

So, what do we use? I am so glad you asked! LOL We actually have one of those oil heaters that looks almost like the old radiator style. And yes, it does take up room. But it is less expensive and quieter. Except that we also run a small fan behind it. That can get a bit noisy, but it is not too bad. We blow the air through the fins of the heater and circulate it around the RV. That makes it a lot more efficient and less expensive since the heater is not trying to heat the whole rig from one place. It is just inside the door in our little “kitchen” area.

In the bathroom, we have one of those little ceramic style heaters. It has a high and low power setting. We have to leave it on the lower setting or else it trips the breaker. The oil one is on an extension cord running from the outside, so it is not running through the RV power source at all. The little one catches up when the big one is turned a bit too low, or when it cannot keep up for some reason. It also gives a bit of warmth in the bathroom since the air does not get into there as easily at the back of the RV. Nice for when you are taking a shower!

Ah yes…showers…another subject for another post!

So, there you have it…how we heat. Our stove is also a good backup heater. Those propane burners put out a lot of heat. Boy do they put out heat! We especially notice it in the summer! But that, too, is another post!

From our Little RV on the Hillside, we hope that everyone is having a good day today. May your face always be in gentle breezes and may your back always be warmed by the sun, as your heart and spirit are warmed by the Son, Yeshua!

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    March 1, 2008 8:55 PM

    just so know know, it is a pit dangerus the propane can make you sick. we used to do that years agao when our church met behind the postoffice. My sunday school would turn on the oven to get the kitchen. where we met to get warm. Many of us got sick. I hope you dont get sick

  2. Abigail permalink
    March 3, 2008 9:56 AM

    Hi, Anonymous. You make a good point. See my next blog post!


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