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Beautiful Day, Butterflies & the Mail Box!

February 28, 2008

It is cold today…freezing…literally…as the thermometer reads 32 degrees. But the sun is shining. I love the sunshine! It is much harder on cold days when they are gray. But when the sun is shining…it just does not seem to be as cold. Of course, I guess it also helps that the wind is not blowing, so there is no wind chill factor.

I actually walked down to the mailbox today. I know…that probably sounds kind of silly…like, what kind of accomplishment is that? Well, I have noticed that living in a place where there is no place to walk…the tendency is to sit a lot. And it all contributes to a kind of inertia. It is hard to get going. And when the weather is icky, it becomes even harder to move around and easier to just sit. And yes, I am VERY out of shape. I won’t deny it!

So, walking down the driveway to the mail IS an accomplishment…for me. But the sun was calling and it really did not feel that cold. Of course, I did have to be careful on one part of the driveway. Lately, there has been so much ice that I did not want to dare to walk down it if I did not have to. But today there was only one place I needed to be careful. It actually felt good to be outside walking around!

Oh, Spring…hurry up and come! I love winter…but what we have had is NOT winter. It is more like what the transitional weather between winter and spring is like…except that it has been like this ALL winter long! Ick!! I am tired of mud and ice! I love snow. But I do not like winter rain and ice.

I am thinking about our meadow and wondering if we will mow it or not this summer. I am so torn. When we did not mow it last summer we had so many butterflies all around that they would actually fly into you when you walked down the driveway. I like the idea of a mowed meadow…but I also like the idea of a butterfly sanctuary! *smile*

So, today is a beautiful day!

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