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Ice, Lockin, Mice, Mildew & a Blanket in the Bathtub!

February 22, 2008

OK…you are probably wondering what those things have in common…or maybe not! 🙂

Our church has a youth lockin tonight. So far, it has not been cancelled due to icy roads. The roads are in pretty good condition…right now. However, a lot of driveways are not…which effects us. Last night Dave parked across the creek rather than risk trying to get down an icy driveway this morning. That was a good thing as there is at least an inch of ice on our driveway. 😦

The lockin…well, the ice effects our son getting there. Dave has to work late. We have only one vehicle. The driveway of the person who could give us a ride there…yep…you guessed it…is icy and she cannot bring us. So, Dave will have to bring him about two hours late.

Now, what does this have to do with mice, mildew or a blanket in the bathtub? Well, this lockin is overnight. We did find the sleeping bag, but it had gotten left outside in a garbage bag when we had to spray the inside of the tarp shed for mildew. The bag apparently got ripped open or something and there is frozen water in it. The washing machine is wrapped up for the cold and I cannot use it to wash the sleeping bag.

Our son has a favorite blanket that someone gave him. It is bit large for his sleep area, so it was in the tarp shed. Well…the mice got to that and bit holes in it, which has son rather upset. It was a gift…poor guy. So, he cannot use that, either.

We found a bigger blanket in our box when we went looking for his small sleeping bag…a bag that was NOT outside. However, this blanket smells like the box and needs to be washed. So, we have a blanket in the bathtub.

I have washed smaller blankets in there and it is not too bad. We have a shower curtain rod in the middle of the wall at the top to hang things from. I use it to drape things across and then twist them to ring them. Only one problem with that…this blanket (a queen/king, if I remember correctly) is too heavy and will just bring the rod down. I know…I tried and almost brought it down. 😛

Ever try to wring out a big blanket? It is very heavy…and hard to wring. What makes it even better is that our hot water heater only holds 6 gallons…which means the water is pretty COLD!!! Yikes! So, I have this blanket that is soaking that I have to get wrung out enough to get it into the dryer. Hmmm…I wonder what happens when you put a soaking wet blanket in the dryer? Do you think it will ruin the dryer? Uh oh!

So, as I write this…we are trying to get the smell out of the blanket…with only partial success…partly due to an inability to really wring out the water. Plus, I am waiting for the hot water heater to heat the water up again. Oh, what fun…NOT! 🙂

This is life in our little RV on the hillside. We have mice and mildew, ice and lockin and a blanket in the bathtub! What is YOUR day like today? LOL

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