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Does in the Meadow & Propane!

February 22, 2008

Soooooo…I am putting off my shower until we get the propane switched around. Our water heater is dually powered…electricity and propane. The propane kicks in when the electric cannot keep up. That extra little boost really does help to extend the hot water a little longer.

I am sitting here looking into our meadow as twilight approaches. There are two does grazing in our semi snow covered meadow. They are beautiful creatures…so graceful. I love to watch them. We don’t often see them this close in the meadow…at least not while we are actually able to look out the window and see them. All is quiet and peaceful.

Whoa! I take that back. As we watched, we saw a third…then a fourth doe. There are four does that we can see in our meadow!

The bird feeder does a pretty good business, too. These are the things that make not living in town nice. I still wish we had another car, though, and the gas budget to go with it. But these moments are so special!

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