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Slow Day

February 18, 2008

Dave was home today. It was nice to have him home on a holiday. We did not do a whole lot with all of us still recovering from being sick.

Today starts a temperature change. We are moving into colder weather with nights of snow and freezing rain. This is weather that is a bit concerning since the rain often turns to ice. Things have changed weather wise in this area over the years. The winters have gotten milder and wetter.

When I lived not too far from here for a few years during my childhood, we had snow either by Christmas or within a few days after it. Once we got that first snow fall, there was pretty much snow around all winter. We would go out everyday to play in it. I don’t remember rain other than in the summer. So this weather is weird to me…and annoying to us. It is dangerous with the ice.

Dave covered up the washing machine and fixed a place in the plastic on the roof where the rain/snow kept pushing it through. Every time it would push through it would cause it to leak into the upstairs and then down into the bottom floor. Yesterday, he disconnected the water hose going into the laundry room and drained it so that it would not freeze.

Last night we had some strong winds again. I was already restless, thinking about my sister, whose birthday was today. Suddenly, the wind kicked in and knocked something over outside with a big bang. It woke Dave up and startled the heck out of me. It took a long time to get over it and calm down inside.

Dave got up and went out to see what it was. It turns out that a sheet of insulation that was held up by a folding chair that was leaning into it was blown over. We heard the chair hitting the gravel. Dave put it back in place and said that everything else looked fine.

For some reason, the high winds really bother me. I always wonder what it will do to our tarps and all the stuff we have out there. I just have to trust Yahweh to protect all that He wants to protect. He will make sure we have what we need.

There are times when we have had tornado warnings, although not last night. The likelihood of one hitting here is really small. We live in a tiny valley and tornadoes tend to bounce when they hit hills. Still, there is something about the really high gusty winds that bothers me…at night. They don’t seem to bother me quite as much during the day…probably because I can see what is happening.

As I was laying in bed, I remembered a hurricane I lived through as a child. Well, I sort of remembered. All I really remember was being in the back seat of a car. The skies were darkened and my parents and I were going to the home of people I did not know. I remember arriving there and being in a house with a bunch of strangers. It seems like the lights were either out…or maybe just low? That is all I remember myself. My mother told me that we went through two hurricanes while we lived in that state, but these little blips are the only thing I remember.

After we had moved into the RV park where we stayed before coming to our land we went through some tornado warnings. I felt so vulnerable being out in an open field like that. I much prefer earthquakes over things like tornadoes and certainly over hurricanes!

Today, it snowed for quite awhile. Big, HUGE, flakes. But nothing really stuck around. After two rather warm days, the ground just was not cold enough for it to stick. It melted. But watching it come down was awesome! It was SO beautiful! We loved watching it blow back and forth as the wind changed directions. It was as if the flakes were dancing in the air…swirling and twirling about and having a grand old time.

Well, that’s it for now from our Little RV on the Hillside!

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  1. RunningFree permalink
    February 28, 2008 7:36 PM

    I am with you on preferring earthquakes to tornadoes. However, it depends on the size of the earthquake. Anything over a 6.0 is pretty scary!

  2. Abigail permalink
    February 28, 2008 9:43 PM

    I hear you…but they are rare and at least, once they are over, they are pretty much over. Tornado warnings seem to last and last. 😛

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