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Flitting Thoughts and Friends That Care!

February 16, 2008

How wonderful it was to come and see that I have three friends who have dropped by to visit my little blog! 🙂

Gosh, I so hate being sick. As I lay there in my bed I get all these wonderful thoughts I want to share with my friends and family. But when I get up and sit here, it seems like all the thoughts fly away like little birds flitting away from a bird feeder when the squirrel shows up!

Dave is outside hooking up our laundry room. Thankfully, it is not supposed to freeze tonight or tomorrow night, so we will be able to leave it hooked up for a day or so. Since he has specific shirts he has to wear to work, kind of like a uniform, we must get them washed this weekend. I can hear him out there coughing in the cold air. Poor guy! My main goal is just do loads of laundry spread throughout the rest of the day. I pray I have the strength to do enough. I know Dave will help, but he also needs to finish getting well since he needs to be able to work.

Our son seems to be hit the hardest in some respects, but I think he is getting better, too. This is just really taking a long time to pass. 😛

We looked out the window today and watched two cardinals at our bird feeder…a male and a female. What funny characters! He would sit there and eat and eat and eat while she watched from a nearby branch. When he would go to another branch, she would fly down and grab a few bites. But that rascally male would come back and chase her away, barely giving her any time to eat!

We watched as this was repeated several times. They seem like a pair, but boy was he pushy! In the times we have seen cardinals at the feeder, they never have more than one at a time. We use a cylindrical feeder and it has four posts in different directions, but one bird still always chases another away. What manners!

Imagine if we came to the dinner table that way…always pushing others away. The weak would starve while the strong ate. Yet, isn’t that the human nature we see so often at work in the world today? People pushing others away to get what they want…behaving no better than those birds?

Imagine if our relationship with God was that way! If only the strong and assertive could come to His table and partake of His love! I am so glad that God has room enough for us all and that He welcomes ALL who really want to come to Him. He welcomes the weak and downtrodden. I am especially grateful that He welcomes the wounded and broken.

Well, enough energy here for the moment. I need to get some laundry started. I hope I feel well enough to come back and write some more later.

Signing off for now from our Little RV on the Hillside.

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