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Complaining Ramblings

February 13, 2008

I hate being sick and I don’t like being isolated. I don’t mind solitude. I love solitude. But I also like to be able to interact more with others. You know…be able to go the library once a week at least!

This was not part of the original plan…to be so rural with only one vehicle. We had it all planned out. Borrow on the van (which we owned outright) to pay for the septic; and then sell the van while we use the car (also owned outright). Some of the money from the van would help us to buy a second vehicle. But an accident changed all that in an instant.

When the car got totaled we were left with only the van…and a payment that we were not planning on having. With the payment things are too tight to do anything more than just get by…and if not for God’s provision…we would not even be able to do that at times. There is nothing left to save to buy a vehicle and we cannot sell the van without already having another vehicle. Caught between the proverbial rock and a hard spot. One saving grace is that the land payment is very low! 🙂

But God is good! He has provided at times when we had NO idea how we were going to get by. He loves us…and for that we are very grateful. We have had many “plans” go awry, but He is there with us through it all. We have also learned that, while OUR plans may go awry…HIS never do! He is watching over us and teaching us so many things through all that we have been through. He is truly refining us and we are learning about what is really most important in life.

I know that He is coming again and I really want everyone to be ready…and isn’t that really what we are supposed to be about instead of seeking all the creature comforts of this world? All in all…I am grateful for this little RV. Without it, we would have no place to live.

Oh, I still dream of being able to build some rooms…or even a small house of some kind. I still don’t like it that we have stuff that is being destroyed by the weather because we have no way to adequately store it. I still hate not being able to find things, like clothing, that I KNOW I have and do not want to spend money to replace. But it IS all just “stuff”. it will all perish, unlike our eternal spirits.

We are able to be happy and contented, knowing that God is going to bring us through this and out the other side. We don’t know how. We don’t know when. But then, we don’t need to know…for He knows for us. Life is hard…for everyone. If it is not one thing, it is another. We have to choose to look for the blessings in life…like the beautiful snow…and the deer on our land…and our overall good health…and our love for one another!

God is good…and we are grateful to be His!

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