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3 Sick Ones!

February 12, 2008

Three sick ones all in row,
Now one’s up top,
With two below.

Three sick in a tiny RV.
It’s especially crowded
When there are three.

Moan and groan, painful and achy,
When we stand
Our bodies are shaky.

Grab the bowl and get the meds,
Where’s the tissues?
We stay in our beds.

That is about how we feel today. Dave is on his way to the doc while we wait it out here. There is so much sickness going around that they don’t even want to see you unless you have been sick at least 3-4 days.

We do seem to be a little bit on the upswing. It is hard to tell when we keep feeing so weak. I think today we are going to leave the bed out.

I hope that all of our friends and family are healthy!

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