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Ack!!! Three Sick in the Family!

February 11, 2008

Well, Dave is on the mend, but not back to work. Our son and I are now sick, too, with something totally different. It is a good thing that Dave was too sick to go back to work, yet at least feeling well enough to take care of us. I am wiped out.

I think it is during times of sickness, which are, thank God, very rare, that the size of our living space really effects me the most. We either have a couch or a bed. I don’t do well on a bed in the daytime. I must prefer the couch. For that matter…I don’t always do well on a bed in the nighttime, either.

Our poor son has to climb up and down to get to his sleep area. If it is only him sick, I let him stay down on the couch…but with both of us sick…I get the couch.
I am up writing this during a few moments of feeling halfway decent. My experience all day is that it won’t last…so back to the couch I go…which will have to become a bed soon.

I really hope my son and I feel better tomorrow seeing as how Dave is going to try to get into work. The way the weather is, though, he might not be able to go in. We will see.

Just another day in the Little RV on the Hillside! *Smile*


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