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Long Term RV Cooking!

February 8, 2008

We have a little RV refrigerator inside. Thankfully, we have been blessed with a full size refrigerator that we keep outside in our partially finished laundry room! It is interesting having a fridge out there. Since the room is unfinished, when the really cold weather hits, the things inside the fridge freeze.

Our main pantry is also outside, so our canned goods also have a tendency of freezing when it gets cold enough. We have to be careful about anything we store out there in glass jars. So far, nothing has been broken on us.

We are blessed with a four burner propane stove that came with the RV. When we bought the RV, it also had a convection microwave oven. That got fried when we moved onto our land and hooked up the power for the first time. Yep, there is a story in that. We lost a TV and VCR, too. Some very kind people donated a very old TV and an old VCR. We used those until we were finally able to dig out on of our other VCR’s from the box and replace the TV with a new one.

Some other very kind people donated an old microwave toaster oven and a little countertop oven. They were interesting to use, but could not replace the convection oven that we had. We were finally able to find our old house microwave in our shipping box. Just last Christmas we received a new convection/microwave for Christmas. Yay! We are now able to do some “real” baking again!

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