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Four Seasons & a Laundry Room

February 7, 2008

I love the four seasons. I had missed them terribly after living for almost 40 years in a place where we had only two seasons…mild/dry and cold/wet. In the time we have been here I have been able to see the Autumn leaves of color, the frost covered trees, the brief (too brief in my mind) white of snow and felt the warmth of summer sun. I have actually seen the sun most days instead of gray cloud cover…most of the year! Yay!!!!

I do miss the people I left behind, though. I also miss having more good weather for motorcycle riding…although, I guess that does not matter much since my motorcycle quit running. 😛

We have a partially finished laundry room. It is one and half stories high. The roof is mostly on, but there is a strip that has no plywood on it. To finish that off will require the building of scaffolding on a muddy slanted area. It is going to be a bit tricky. In the meantime, we have the whole laundry room roof covered with a tarp. There is some black plastic over the opening strip, however, the rain has a tendency to push it through dropping water all over the floor, which then has a tendency to leak into the bottom. I will write more about how we do laundry later…perhaps on our next wash day. 🙂

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